Faster, Pussycat!


Main St

Tickets $12
Buy online or pick up at The Wallflower
Limited tix at the door

photo by Voodoo Bill's Kustom Photography

This Dr Sketchy's will pay tribute to Tura Satana, an actress who gained a cult following for her role in the 1965 movie Faster, Pussycat! Kill! Kill! Recently passing away at the age of 72, her legacy as "the Arnold Schwarzenegger of bad girls," will be celebrated by our own gorgeous badass, Lydia DeCarllo!


On April 28, Shary Contrary will be speaking about Dr Sketchy's at the Vogue Theatre for Pecha Kucha- an event where artists, architechs and creative leaders talk about their projects! Talks last for 6 minutes with 20 images lasting 20 seconds. Check out Pecha Kucha's website and get your tickets here.