Very Mary-Kate



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Who is Very Mary Kate? If you don't know, you should.

April O'Peel will re-imagine VMK re-imagining life as Mary Kate Olsen! It's a satirical 3 in one- a character who is a weak-yet-demanding kitten, obsessed with calories, abusing her bodyguard and getting her hands o...n the good drugs. Dr Sketchy's will pay tribute to Elaine Carroll's brilliant comedic performance- check out some videos at

Dr Sketchy’s Anti Art School is what happens when a simple question is asked- why can't figure drawing be sexy? Part art class, part cabaret, join us for 3 hours of drinking, drawing and decadence!

Tickets $12
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Lusty Luau

Two models at the same time... so hot we had to throw a winter luao! Pencils posed! These girls have gone wild! While we are serenaded by Ralph Shaw on his ukulele, we'll all be feeling primitive on when VaVa Vunderbust and April O'Peel show us their hula hips!

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